Reasons to Settle in Denver

5. You can experience the population growth first hand in Denver, as it now boasts of being the city with the 3rd most cranes among all major cities in the United States. The skyline is undergoing a complete renovation in downtown as more skyscrapers are being built. The urban development is not only just limited to downtown, but has also expanded into the suburbs and neighboring areas. There is both residential and commercial expansion currently being undertaken.

6. According to the Denver Business Journal, Colorado ranks as #1 as a state for job opportunities and #2 for most attractive type of employment. Colorado has become a web of fantastic job opportunities due to its thriving economic growth. In a report shown by the Denver post, the Colorado job market has been on the rise, incorporating new and better job positions over the last 20 years. Among the many different jobs offered, the professional and business services sector will constitute the biggest percentage. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a professional, you can land yourself a perfect growth oriented job in Denver and all over Colorado.

7. Denver doesn’t settle for extreme ends. With that said, its weather is as friendly as it can get. You get 300 days of sun shining bright in your face, with its spring time beating all standards of beauty! The best part of a hot sunny day in Denver is that the weather is not humid despite being hot. Although, Denver does have a minute share of cold winters, the cold days don’t last long and the city is back to its charming warmth in no time.

8. The soft welcoming culture of Denver allows you to be at your worse ditching the formal attire for as long as you want. The majority of people there prefer to dress down. The T-shirt and a casual pair of jeans is pretty standard there.

9. If you can beat traffic in the main roads, you can also beat the ski traffic! Denver’s close proximity to some of the best ski places in America is a plus point and gives you opportunities to enjoy the beautiful winter sport. However, Saturday and Friday evenings wouldn’t be your best timings to set out for a ski session, as traffic tends to hike up during these peak hours.

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