13 Reasons Why People Aspire to Move to Denver

For those aspiring to move to a city that has progressed cohesively in all areas of a metropolitan economy should look no further than Denver, Colorado. There are many legit reasons to consider Denver as your next hometown, especially if Austin and Portland – both of which Denver has recently beaten according to the World News Report featuring the best cities to live in, have been your ideal cities to move to. From offering a strong job market to a secured living style, Denver has become the hub of attraction to the millennials seeking a bright future. The following reasons sum up why Denver’s metropolitan population growth has expanded over the last few years, making it a top city for residents to move to:

1. Metro Denver’s economy has grown at a pace of 2.4% in the year before outgrowing the national growth rate, according to the federal Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Denver metro area’s GDP has increased from being $190.9 billion in 2015 to being $197.9 billion at present. The city has earned itself a name in the list of metro areas of the US that promise continuous infrastructure prosperity. The primary industries that have shown growth over the last couple years are: construction, information and wholesale trade.

2. Denver’s a multicultured city comprised of different neighbors that all have their own vibe and disposition. Cap Hill is lively and upbeat. Uptown is a hotspot for young people and those seeking bar/pub establishments. Country Club is expensive and attracts an upscale personality. The many shades of Denver ensure you always have something exciting to experience if you plan to take short road trips around your home city.

3. In a report by RE/MAX Housing Report, it was found that Denver homes were the fastest-selling in the nation in the year 2015. They only lasted 20 days on the market. Denver offers a range of beautiful homes, including lakefront property that features a beautiful scenic view of water trails nearby. Some lakeside denver rowhomes offer a view of the mountains in the distant. These are beautiful options to explore if you’re a nature loving person.

4. Denver has left no stone unturned in its steady progress in various aspects, including the education department. Education institutes in Denver offer courses in varied subjects and fields such as aerospace defense, bio-tech and finance. Denver holds a score of 7.7 out of 10 on the U.S. News’ college readiness index, a relatively higher score than of its counterpart cities. Located in Denver, the following universities: The Regis University, University of Denver, and the University of Colorado are listed on U.S. News’ rankings of the best colleges in the US.